Information and Guidelines for Volunteering with Surviving Christmas

The following information and guidance are based on previous experience and we ask that you read these carefully before attending:
All volunteers must comply with the health and safety requirements outlined
at the Salvation Army management briefing. If you are unsure or need
clarification please refer to the person responsible for the area you are
working in or the Project Manager.

All volunteers must sign in and out each day. See the Project Manager if
you have any questions.

Do not bring valuables with you. Although an area will be set aside for
personal belongings, it may not be secure and you will leave items at your
own risk.

No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises.

No Dogs are allowed in with guests.

Information for Emergencies
In the event of an emergency please notify whoever is in charge
immediately. (i.e The Project Manager or a Committee member)

Do not give your address or telephone number to people that you do not

Do not bring valuables with you. Although an area will be set aside for personal belongings it may not be secure and you will leave items at your own risk.

First names are sufficient.

Volunteers can, if they choose, provide an emergency contact and telephone
number which may be contacted should the need arise.

On arrival, we ask that you familiarise yourself with the building including the fire exits.

Should you find a guest in need eg. homeless please inform the Project
Manager or the person responsible for your area of work, who will have
emergency contact details for referral agencies.

In the event of trouble – be peaceful. If you see trouble on its’ way
please inform the Project Manager and remember that generally it only takes one person to deal with one other person, pitching in can increase tension.

Information and Guidance for Driving and Delivering Hampers
Should you volunteer as a driver you must attend our hire company and present your clean driver’s licence before 10th December. Details of the hiring company will be provided once your application is received.

If you aim to provide your own vehicle for deliveries you are required to present your business insurance coverage before 10th December and ensure that your insurance company are aware of the planned activity to Surviving Christmas office.

If you are a driver/delivery volunteer you must not cross the threshold alone of the address alone. You must always go in pairs,
Driver/delivery teams will be made up of 1 male / 1 female who is unrelated. This is a requirement to comply with insurance.

Surviving Christmas operates a Safe Use of Motor Vehicles Policy (this policy is in addition to any instruction, guidelines or any other information provided by a hire company).

This policy covers arrangement for private and Surviving Christmas hired vehicles.

This policy specifies the operational and safety requirements for the use of motor vehicles on Surviving Christmas business.

The term motor vehicle includes private vehicles and those hired through our provider.

The term Project Manager may be substituted for Trustee.

– Where a volunteer uses their private vehicle for Surviving Christmas business the Project Manager will inspect each driver’s certificate of motor insurance for their private motor vehicle on commencement of their time with the project. A photocopy of the certificate of motor insurance should be signed and dated by the project representative and retained on file.
– The Project Manager may withdraw a driver’s authority to drive on Surviving Christmas business at any time.
– If a driver is convicted of any motoring offence during the time of the project they must immediately inform the Project Manager.
– Drivers must observe the requirements in respect of the use of drugs and alcohol, the planning of a journey and the use of mobile phones as detailed below.
– Drivers must regularly check the roadworthiness and condition of hire vehicles and immediately report any defect/damage/concern.
– If a driver has any concerns about their medical fitness to drive, they should immediately inform the Project Manager and their GP.
– Surviving Christmas will enforce a zero-tolerance to alcohol and drugs whilst driving for the project.
– Journeys must be adequately planned and organised such that the driver and any passengers are not put at risk. This would include, for example, allowing sufficient fuel, planning the safest route and allowing adequate time to counter stress and tiredness. If a driver is going out on the road during meal times at the project refreshments should be taken with them.
– Drivers and passengers must wear seat belts.
– Passengers have the right to feel safe. If they are concerned about their safety with a particular driver, they should inform the Project Manager.
– Drivers are entitled to feel that they are unable to drive. If you feel tired, or under the weather, or not up to driving for any reason – don’t start driving, or if you are driving, pull over when it is safe to do so.
– Hand held mobile phones must never be used whilst driving a vehicle. The driver must always find a safe place to park with the engine switched off before personally making or answering a call.
– There is no smoking policy in vans. Although private cars are exempt from this ban, if the vehicle is being used on Surviving Christmas business, the vehicle is classed as an enclosed workplace and smoking is therefore prohibited.

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