About Surviving Christmas

Surviving Christmas is run by a group of volunteer Trustees and supported by lead and regular volunteers who all live local to the area. The Charity has been running for over 30 years so volunteers and Trustees have come and gone. We are always looking for new recruits. Each person brings a different skill to the charity but we all have one thing in common, we are passionate about the work of Surviving Christmas in relieving hardship and distress to those most in need or vulnerable at this time of year.

Our Objectives

The objectives of Surviving Christmas are to relieve in cases of need, hardship or distress persons who are resident, whether temporarily or not, in the County Borough of Hastings or the Rother District in the County of East Sussex.

Meet the Team

We, the Trustees and Lead Volunteer Committee Members of Surviving Christmas, are all volunteers who give up our time to fundraise and run the projects around our everyday commitments.

Our backgrounds include the British Army, Banking, the Probation Service, Teaching, Nursing, private sector business, property management, the Volunteer Sector, advertising and accountancy. We bring a wide range of experience, knowledge and skills to support a smoothly run charity and we are all passionate about the charity’s vision of helping those most in need at Christmas.

The role of the Trustees is to oversee the running of the charity making strategic decisions to safeguard finances and the reputation of the charity and ensure its longevity. The Lead Volunteer Committee take on crucial roles to make it all happen and to support regular volunteers carry out the projects.

Our Team

Sam Moss


Carrie Kennedy

Hamper Coordinator

Tina Friend


Lionel Parr


Adam Newington


Megan Skinner


Jan Murphy


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